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Torres won the crown in the Miss Universe pageant held in Mexico in May 1993.

Torres' victory in the pageant caused some controversy because of the claim that she was still a minor as she did not top any of the pageant's segments.

She also starred in several theater productions on the island.

That same year, a "Dayanara" doll was released and sold out in both Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

She became a celebrity in the Philippines and lived in the country for five years.

She also appeared in more than 10 movies, including Hataw Na, a film with Filipino actor and singer Gary Valenciano (who is half-Puerto Rican). Torres also became part of the musical variety show ASAP when it first aired in 1994 as a host for 5 years and as she came in and out of town in 1997–1998.

No way, according to legal documents he says, Torres had to leave her home because she was screwing around with someone she should not have been screwing around with! Marc Anthony says that the scorned woman was so determined to publicly humiliate Torres, that he had to send his own security to help. In the documents Torres says the allegations are "argumentative, improper opinion, lack of foundation, speculation." What I want to know is, are they true?

He's not feeling terribly sorry for his ex because he says she ended up having to sell her house at a loss because she was doin' a married man.

In 2008, Torres was included in People magazine's "Most Beautiful People" list.Asked how she dealt with the pain, Dayanara said it was natural to feel hurt. And you know, I just wanted to be that kind of person so that they can continue and admire and all that. [I didn't want to be] not me." Has she forgiven Marc Anthony? Dayanara Torres Delgado (born October 28, 1974) is a Puerto Rican actress, singer, model, writer and beauty queen who won Miss Universe 1993.Wait until I tell you what Marc Anthony said about his ex-wife, Dayanara Torres; it's crazy!As much as I wish I were immune to a bit of scandalous, juicy, gossip, I am not. Oh and this bit that I'm about to share with you isn't even really gossip because it is in legal documents, so it is more like an allegation than .

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In 1992, she participated in the Miss International pageant and became a semi-finalist.